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From hand tools to power tools, we offer a comprehensive range of tools to ensure your DIY project is completed to a high standard.

Supplying you with

the tools needed for your

DIY project


Filled to the brim with tools and equipment we're sure to be your ideal choice when it comes to home improvement. From clamps and vices to drills and sanders, all our equipment is durable, precise and reliable to ensure you get a high-quality finish for your DIY project.

High-quality tools to aid your DIY project

• Drills (cordless, rotary and more)

• Pressure washers

• Angle grinders

• Power saws

• Nail and staple guns

• Sanders and polishers

• Planers, biscuit joiners and routers

• Clamps and vices

• Files and knives

• Hammers

• Pliers and choppers

• Saws

• Wrenches

• Testers and detectors

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Our selection of power tools includes:

Our selection of hand tools includes:

Why not browse our great range of hand and power tools on our online store? With free delivery on orders over £20, there's no easier way to shop for your tools and equipment.

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